Parables of the Lord Jesus

„Who is looking for me, will find me,
Who is waiting for me, will meet me,
Who is rejoicing, I will gift with happiness,
Who is sad, I will delight,
Who loves, is coming closer to me,
Who trusts in me, I will not disappoint.”

Jesus Christ

The human soul is like a rough diamond. When you find it, you don’t even notice that it is a diamond and of great value. Many throw it away because it looks like an ordinary stone. Only the brilliant gets into heaven, so I have to grind the diamond. It’s best if I grind it here on the Earth, because if it doesn’t grind on the Earth, it has to go to grind to the purgatory. A brilliant goes straight to Heaven. To me, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The human soul is as fragile as a mirror. You have to handle it carefully so that it does not crack or fall apart to pieces. You will not turn a broken mirror into a mirror as it used to be. Only a miracle could help. It is similar to the human soul. You have to be careful what you burden her with, what you allow her to receive and how you accept God’s will. Soul can easily be injured. There are scars left in the wounded soul that will never heal without God’s grace and miracle, so that it is pure and beautiful as a mirror. The wounded soul resembles a broken mirror.

Unreasonable parents sow weeds in their fields and hope to harvest wheat at harvest time. Those fields are the souls of their children. Through their bad behavior, example, and tolerance for evil, they sow evil into souls of their children, that is the weed, in the hope that they will grow up into good and obedient children, that is the wheat. What you sow, you will reap. If you want your children to be good, you must set a good example for them by your behavior and protect them from external evil. Even if they bring something bad from the neighborhood, root it out of them immediately, because even if you sow only wheat in your fields, a weed will also appear there. A prudent farmer will not allow weed to overgrow wheat and destroy the crop.