The society entry

Everyone who enrolls in my Society will be written in my Heart and I will be in his. He will become my friend and I will never deny my friend to my Father. Whoever has me as a friend has everything. This book is my Heart. Protect it and wear it everywhere. Everyone who enrolls in this book will receive a piece of my Heart.

Jesus Christ

Who can join the Society?

Anyone, regardless of race, gender or religion, who chooses to follow our Lord Jesus is allowed to enter and enroll in the Society. After joining the Society, people of other religions must convert to Catholicism and to take the necessary sacraments (members of the Orthodox Church do not have to convert to the Catholic faith). Parents can also enroll small children, who, however, after the 1st Holy Communion or after reaching the age of 10, must personally confirm their consent in a manner as described below.

What obligations for believers result from joining the Society?

  • Visit Lord Jesus at least once a week in the Sacrament of the Altar or at the Tabernacle. If a person is sick or paralyzed, or does not have this opportunity, he or she should meet with Him and speak in front of the cross at home.
  • Make good confession at least once a month to be in state of grace so you are able to receive Holy Communion more frequently.
  • Attend Holy Masses at least on Sundays and mandatory religious holidays.

How to join the Society?

  • Direct entry in the Society book
  • By enrollment letter through these pages (on the following page)
  • By enrollment letter via email (use the form from the book on the last page) or print this out. Scan the completed form to PDF or take a photo with your mobile phone. By persons who are disabled, someone else can fill out the enrollment letter , they pray the mentioned prayer together and the enrolling person only signs his signature.