Jesus’ messages to members of the Society.

„Valentín, I chose you for this God’s work. You will establish The Society of Friends of the Eucharist and you will spread it to the entire world. I have risen because Church is perishing. There is a great crisis of the Church, the greatest since its inception, because its very foundations are falling apart. The crisis of the Church is the crisis of the Eucharist. Believers do not see me in the Eucharist. From now on, I will always talk to you, but it will always be only in adoration before the Sacrament of the Altar or before the Tabernacle. There I will tell you what to do and where and after whom to go. It is my society, my work, you are only my messenger.“


20. 4. 2019

My dears. Do not worry because of what is happening around you. On everything look through faith. I will protect Slovakia. I as well will protect Czechia, for a handful of faithful. I will not raise my hand against. In adverse situations only look at me. Follow me! Trust me! My blessing will accompany you whole year. My hands will be protecting you.

29. 3. 2018

I bless all members of the Society of Friends of the Eucharist. My blessing will be with you whole year. My hands will protect you, accompany you and will pull you closer to me. You will get to know power and strength of my blessing.

7. 10. 2015

A spring of living water has gushed out to each of you in your heart. Pour it on your neighbors in your neighborhood and guard it so that it does not dry up to you.

5. 10. 2015

The Society of Friends of the Eucharist will be large community one day. Love for love, loyalty for loyalty, trust for trust.