Statements of the Lord Jesus


My beloved ones,
Worries of coronavirus pandemic did not fade away yet and there is already a new threat, threat of war. Fear of illness was replaced by fear of global catastrophe. All of that is consequence of mankind turning away from God, consequence of rejecting their Savior as a useless thing. My loved ones, there are two things that need to be done during this Advent. First and most important one is to pray for conversion of mankind and nation to God. Pray for your neighbors who moved away from God or completely resented Him; pray for their conversion and return. Second one is very simple. Stop to worry, do not be afraid of future and trust me. I will protect my faithful ones as I have promised.


Today, 12th September 7 years have passed since establishing of The Society of Friends of the Eucharist. At the beginning only a small trickle of living water gushed out of hearts of those who were there at the beginning. Slowly it was growing stronger and other streams started to flow in. Today it can be called river which is fed from various countries of Europe and other streams from Asia and America joined. What are those streams that fed the river with living water and are making it mighty? Those are every one of you who actively joined in spreading this work of mine, everyone who is not indifferent about fate of neighbors and dear ones. Human soul is of great price and if with taking part in this work you saved just one soul, you gained great merits in heaven. Every one of you has a treasure chest in heavenly kingdom where you are storing treasures gained on earth. It is the chest that little Viktorka saw and was mentioning when she visited heavenly kingdom. When departing from this world someone has it empty and someone has it full of treasures. What shall you do not to come in front of me with empty hands and empty chest? Treasures of this chest are gained by giving and not by collecting. If you want to have it full you have to give away. What to give away? It is very simple. Every deed of mercy done to your neighbor you gain little treasure into the chest, for every saved soul beautiful diamonds, because it is greatest deed you can do. Therefore, it is so important that stream of living water that spurt when you joined The Society does not dry out but is abundantly supplying river of life flowing through this life, river that is bringing to me all of those who decided to follow me. Many of you are concerned about what is going on in the world. I do not promise that it will be easy or that there will be no troubles. What I can promise you is that with me you will overcome it, because I will never abandon you.


This Lent is different from the previous ones, so it will no longer be contemplation stories, but only this statement of mine. Fear has ruled humanity around the world. At first, it was fear of pandemic that was replaced by fear of war. Where does fear come from and why does it spread so fast around the world? Mankind has turned away from God. Faith in God and in His omnipotence has been replaced by faith in man and in his cleverness. This is the breeding ground for an evil spirit that comes on the scene with its fruit – fear. He knows very well that human is able to do anything out of fear, easily forgets God’s word, and begins to act instinctively. In fear for own life, human is willing to betray me, to do everything just to be healthy. Once someone is so frightened, it is not a problem for the evil so inconspicuously start sowing step by step another evil fruit in their hearts – hatred. Man doesn’t even notice how, but suddenly feels hatred in own heart for those who caused it, for those who limit him, for those who do not share his opinions and behave differently than he is, for those he thinks are threatening him, for those who do bad to him. Human quickly forgets that God is love; that we should love everyone, not only those who do good to us, but also our enemies, he is critical of those who do not act according to his ideas. Do you think this only applies to non-believers, that Christians do not have that way of thinking? That would still be acceptable, but the opposite is true. Hatred and evil had also taken over the hearts of many Christians, and with such a heart they have no problem receiving me in the Eucharist. Therefore, at the beginning of this Lent season, it is time for you to reflect on what you hold in your heart and replace the fruits of the evil spirit with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. You will not change the evil of this world by joining it, but only by changing your attitude and your thinking, and begin to spread peace and love around you. You may be wondering how I, a little human, can change that, because no one will even notice. But they will notice. The small light will light up other small lights in its vicinity, so the light slowly begins to spread throughout the whole world. Do not wait for someone else to start, start with yourself. If you want things to change, to change the world, you have to change yourselves. Live this fasting season with love in your heart, don’t be carried away by the pitfalls of evil, only then you will be faithful to me. I will protect my faithful, do not be afraid.
Trust me.


My faithful, I turn to you these days, when my coming in this world is celebrated all over the world. Many of you are suffering because you were driven out of my Father’s temples because you wanted to be faithful to me in everything. I am sufferring with you, I am closer to you than ever. You’ve become waste for society, but for me you’re a treasure that I will protect and bless. The first become the last and the last the first. He who suffers for me will have a great reward in heaven. Therefore, don’t be afraid of anything, a little herd, I’m with you, and with whom I’m , he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything, because he’s on the right track. Love for love, fidelity for fidelity, trust for trust, keep that in your heart. My blessing will accompany you until you come to me.


It’s a gracious time to stop and reflect. What used to be, no longer exists. What was easy became difficult. What someone has managed, they can’t do now. What do I want from you, what do you have to do to manage it? The answer is simple. Come back to me, be faithful to me in everything, don’t succumb to fear of the future. The fear they sow in you is not from me. He who believes in me cannot be afraid. All this is a test of faith, of real true faith in the Son of man. I am the way and the truth and the life. He who believes in me will have eternal life. Therefore, do not fear for that earthly life, but take more care of that life eternal. If you’re with me, you can’t lose anything but gain. I will protect my faithful and bring them to me. When it is worst, you will see who the real Lord of heaven and earth is.


I came into the world to save it. I have saved it with my cross, so you too accept your cross as I accepted it and carried it.


Many know the Holy Scriptures – Old Testament, but have not learned from it. Many know the history of mankind, but they have not learned from it. They’re watching, but they don’t see a parallel to what’s happening now. They think there’s a different time today and that it does not apply to them. Really? That’s what people thought already before them until they understood why this happened, why God permitted various disasters on them. The Israelites and your ancestors understood that this was happening because they deviated from God and his laws, that they had forgotten him, or rejected him completely. They understood that the only solution was to return to him again, repent, and be faithful to him. In this way, they averted away calamities and various epidemics that plagued them, because God was merciful and forgave them their wrong-doing.  And what is happening now? Instead of turning to God, his temples were closed in many places, access to the sacraments was restricted, and faith and trust in God and his almighty were replaced by faith and trust in the golden calf which is to protect mankind from the pandemic.  
My faithful people, pray for the conversion of sinners, for the conversion and return of mankind to God. Be active in your neighborhood. Help to find a way to God to those who are seeking him and those who have lost their way by search of fleeting happiness in this world. Be a light to those who do not know and do not want to know God, let them know that only in Him is salvation and rescue. Your fight will now look like David’s fight with Goliath. They also mocked David, but he had a firm faith and believed that God was with him. You too have the same faith and trust in God as David did when he went to fight Goliath. My blessing will accompany you. You will not be alone in this fight, just like David wasn’t. I will fight you, because where God is there is victory. David had a slingshot, your weapon is your knees and small bullets on the string, your faith and trust in me and in the protection of my Mother.
I bless you and embrace you with love


I have risen from the dead. On my resurrection, you can see that nothing is impossible for God. Therefore, even in these sad times, accept your problems as a cross and follow me. You will also have such a morning one day, the sun will rise and a new day will dawn. He who trusts me will not be disappointed.


Raise your hands to the heaven, so that mankind may turn to the Star of Bethlehem and to what it brings, for all to see and hear.


The light from Bethlehem brought love and forgiveness of sins to earth.
Therefore, you should love each other and forgive one another.
Be a beacon for those who lose light or have not found it at all.
Guard him so that there is no darkness in your neighborhood and around the world.
My blessing will accompany you.


I came to this world as little child. My Mommy and father accepted me with love. You as well accept every little child with love as gift of God. Do not close into yourselves, only into your own problems, keep your eyes and ears open for needs of others. If you properly look around your surroundings you for sure find someone who is worse off than you. While suffering look at the cross, you will see someone there who suffered much more than you suffer now. You accepted me into your heart. To every one of you spring of living water spurted in your heart. Pour it in your surroundings onto your neighbors and be careful that it does not dry out. What does it mean? I accepted you with love into my Heart, therefore you accept with love all people that I will send in your way. Be sensitive for their problems and help them as you can. No matter whether with kind words, encouragement, good advice, help or alms. Be light of the world, example worth to follow. So, your surroundings can see that this is Christian, amazing person, I want to be the same. People cannot be pulled into faith by force, flowery words, but by example. Many of you are taking part on candle marches at pilgrimage sites. But it is only an outside expression of faith, form of it. Much more important is that you shine, your inside as the candle you are holding. Spread love, take up your cross with love and by this you will follow me. Keep in your mind that road to heavenly kingdom is cross and key is love.