Messages of Jesus to all people

“I turn to you my little ones, who have fallen to the very bottom, and your soul is completely black with sins. For those who are just an unnecessary waste for the rest of society, and no one cares about you. You are important to me and I care about each of you, but most importantly, I will save the most valuable thing you have, your soul. Don’t be afraid to come to me and become my friend. Your human friends have disappointed you many times, but I will not, I will always be with you. I will help you get up when you fall, I will wipe your tears when you cry, I will rejoice with you when you are happy. Only with me will you find the true happiness and peace that you have been looking for all your life…  

“I also turn to you who have gained fame, fortune and power, but you have not found true happiness, because you have discovered, as once upon a time the King Solomon, that vanity over vanity and all is vanity, that true happiness flows between your fingers and what remains to you is just a momentary feeling. I am also waiting for you to fill you with true happiness and save your souls for eternity. Don’t be afraid to humble yourself in front of God. This is no shame; you will only show your greatness. Your wealth is not important, it will not buy you anything from me, but your soul, that’s the most valuable thing you have. Save your soul while there is still time. I’m still waiting…  

“I turn to you who have been carried away by a world without God, and instead of great expectations, you only have emptiness in your soul and a feeling of hopelessness. You have found that where there is no God, nothing applies, everything is allowed, but instead of luck, you are struck by one blow after another. You wander aimlessly for a lifetime, and you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am also waiting for you so that your life finally gets the right direction and meaning. What is your life compared to eternity? Your life will pass, you won’t even notice it. And in the end, whether you believe it or not, one day you will stand in front of me. Happy soul that I welcome: welcome, friend, and how unhappy that I must say: I do not know you. My arms are open to you too…”

“I also turn to you who are sick and helpless. The cross you carry is very heavy. I will help you carry it, to make it easy for you. With me, you will find peace and mental balance with the state you are in. I will heal the most valuable thing you have, your soul, and it is not excluded that if it is my intention, I will also heal your body. You can do it all easier with me. I’m waiting …”

“I turn to you who have been carried away by violence and hatred. Evil and violence breed only more violence. It’s a vicious circle you can’t get out of without love. I like to fill your hearts with this emotion because I care about each of you. With me, you will find what you may have missed since your early childhood. Contact me with confidence, I will not disappoint you. I’m waiting….” 

“I turn to you who have progressed in faith and works. Remember, the key to the kingdom of heaven is love. You can’t get into it without this key. Mercy goes hand in hand with that. Without mercy, no one will attain my mercy. If you have a problem with that, I am here to help you find true love and mercy. True love is to accept God’s will with love. It sounds simple, but it’s not easy for a person to fulfill. One cannot do it without God’s grace. I am here to give you those graces…” 

“I turn to your spiritual fathers at all levels. Support your little ones with respect for the Eucharist, be their role model and example for them in adoration and do not prevent them from coming to me through this Society, because only the person who has me in his heart can truly love me and be faithful to me.”

“Love for love, loyalty for loyalty, trust for trust, that’s what I want from you…”

“Whoever has me as a friend has everything.”