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„Think carefully about these stories for you to understand all what they mean. So you can see.“
“If you read those stories only with the senses and superficially, they will seem trivial to you. If you discover the depth of what they are hiding, you will find that many people would find themselves in them. If your heart and conscience tell you that you belong to them, it is a gracious time for change and repentance.”

Jesus Christ


The first story.

There was one man. He was unhappy because he felt that no one likes him, no one understands him and anything he does is bad. He had problems in his family, at work and everywhere he came and acted. Once, while he was walking around in the city he was passing by a church where he saw a poorly dressed beggar. He felt sorry for the beggar and approached him to give him some money. As he was close, he realized that beggar was smiling happily at him. So, man asked the beggar how he is. Beggar replied that he is well. Man was surprised: „you say you are well. How is it possible to say that when you are begging?“ Poor beggar looked at him with love and started: „You know, I do not have anything. I have nowhere to live, I have no belongings, I have no money, but I am happy.“ „How can you be so happy when you are suffering so much?“ asked the man. The beggar replied: „I tell you.“ And continued: „I was wealthy. I had everything. Prosperous company, wife, kids, beautiful house with pool. I thrived in business but despite that I was not happy. I was working from dawn to dusk but I was still dissatisfied and nervous. I did not take care of my family and devoted everything to my business. Then came bad times. Business did not go well, I started to have problems and my business went bankrupt. I was so derailed that I was bringing all the nervousness into my family relationships, and I was acting terribly to my wife and children. I was hurting them, and it went so far that my wife divorced me, and I lost everything. I lost my house and I really had nothing. I became homeless and was reliant on the help of other people, their kindness and goodness. Shame or no shame, I started to beg here in front of this church as you see me now. Once, when all the people left church and it was empty, I dared to go inside. Timidly I came close to the tabernacle and went down on my knees. I did not know how to pray, I did not know what to say, I did not know what to ask Lord for, so I simply said: “Lord Jesus, I plead for one thing only, to find peace in my soul. And suddenly I felt something I never felt before in my whole life. As if kind Father hugged me and caressed me on my head. Suddenly, I felt indescribable love and peace and what I was previously feeling as bad was gone and I felt immensely happy because I knew that I am not alone in my suffering, that someone is here who cares about me, who loves me, and this peace and happiness never left me since then. I understood that those who are looking for peace and happiness in this world will never find it. They only will find it in their Savior, because only He can give it to them.” These words encouraged the man, he thanked to the beggar and courageously went into the church.

The second story.

There was one kingdom. This kingdom was ruled by a very good king and his mommy queen, who were surrounded by their loyal courtiers. Citizens of this kingdom were having a good time there because they knew that they could rely on their king, that he always decides fairly and solves all their disputes and problems. But they were not able to access the king all the time because he was living in the castle. He was surrounded by courtiers therefore citizens were finding various ways to get to him, and they found out that it helps to ask those courtiers and especially his mommy queen, because they knew that her son will never refuse his mother, whatever she asks him, even if he was not willing to do that before. They realized how important it is to turn to his courtiers and especially in hopeless matters ask for help from his good mommy.

The third story.

Next to the good kingdom there was another kingdom, where a very bad king ruled. His citizens did not even know how he looked like because he was always shrouded in black. He was indulging himself when he was harming and dominating the citizens. He found out that it is easier to control them when they are afraid, therefore he was spreading fear across the whole kingdom. He was haunting them with various diseases, with threads that if they do not obey him, he will punish them, and he was threatening young men that he will send them into war raging in neighboring country if they will not be loyal to him. Fear reigned in that kingdom. People were afraid of everything. They feared each other, they feared denunciation, they feared expressing their opinion, that they would be punished, and ruler was very joyful how he controls them. People did not even realize that they became slaves of fear and that they gave up on their freedom. But there were some people who did not want to live in fear and decided to flee to the other kingdom where the good ruled. Those who made it there were calling others from the black kingdom to do the same, to get rid of fear and become free again. Those who listened to them became happy, those who stayed and did not want to change their lives stayed slaves forever.