The Society of Friends of the Eucharist

The Lord Jesus summoned us to spread reverence of the Eucharist and put it back to the place which the Eucharist deserves. To protect it because it is life-giving water and blood from which the Church pumps and is alive. That Christians see that it is Jesus Christ himself and they treat it accordingly. God help us with that.

“Church is now in terrible state. It is losing many members every day. It has nothing to offer to people, nothing to attract them. Christians throw their white shirts, which they received at baptism, into the closet or straight away into the rubbish. They lost motivation to wash them. You are my messenger who will show them that it is worth being a Christian, that it is important they take those shirts out of the cabinet and start wearing them and cleaning them regularly. You will tell them what no one has ever said. About the kingdom of heaven, the goal to which every soul should be directed. About what is it like and how is life there; how soul of a human shall get there, and what happens to a person after death. You will show them how important life on earth is for eternal life. As you people say: As you make your bed, so you must lie in it and I will add: How one is ready, will receive accordingly. Your main mission is to show people the purpose of their lives – the kingdom of heaven and eternal life. The Society of Friends of the Eucharist is only a means how to get there, but how they will be rewarded depends on the life they have led on earth. ”

Jesus to Valentín in May 2019
Ježiš Kristus
Jesus Christ Savior of Mankind