The book TOUCHES OF HEAVEN is written by Mary (Barlička) on behalf of the Lord Jesus. This book brings us in exciting way into mysterious world of mystics from apparition of Virgin Mary in Turzovka, through apparition of our Lord Jesus to Valentin and apparition to their almost 5 years old granddaughter Viktorka. It deals with mission that Valentin got from our Lord Jesus to establish The Society of Friends of the Eucharist and to expand it into the whole world, so reverence of Eucharist is deepened. It reveals great mystery of God about heavenly kingdom which our Lord Jesus decided to reveal through little granddaughter. This mystery was revealed to her by Blessed Virgin Mary.
You can download this book in PDF format.

Jesus says we should do what Mary Magdalene did. Follow the Lord Jesus and no longer sin. Remorsefully to make a general confession and accept the sacraments. You can download this general confession in PDF format, or you can read it here.